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Fan Favorite Foods for Slower Aging


Yogurt contains an impressive amount of vital nutrients that contribute to overall well-being. It’s a great source of B12, an essential vitamin that supports nerve function and red blood cell formation, and potassium, which plays a pivotal role in regulating blood pressure and muscle function. Also, yogurt is a probiotic powerhouse, which can enhance the gut microbiota and aid in digestion. Let’s not forget its high protein and calcium content, which is crucial for maintaining strong bones.  

Be sure to read the ingredient label and opt for plain yogurt with minimal ingredients and no added sugars. Build your own breakfast or snack parfait with plain greek yogurt, fresh fruit, nuts and honey! 


Beans are considered a superfood because of their many health benefits. They are an excellent source of plant-based protein, making them especially great for a vegetarian and vegan diet. Beans are rich in soluble fiber, which aids in digestion, helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, and promotes a feeling of fullness, making them beneficial for weight management. These legumes also provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including polyphenols, magnesium, zinc and are low in fat. Eating beans regularly has been associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes due to their ability to lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure. Their versatility in various cuisines, from soups and salads to stews and dips, makes beans a nutritious and delicious addition to any diet.

Dark Chocolate

Did You Know? The total antioxidant content in dark chocolate is five times higher than in milk and white chocolate.

Dark chocolate is a sweet treat that has a surprising amount of nutrients and health benefits. Rich in cocoa solids, it contains polyphenols, which help combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in the body. Dark chocolate is also a source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, and copper, all of which play vital roles in various bodily functions, including maintaining healthy blood cells and bones. Additionally, consuming moderate amounts of dark chocolate has been associated with improved mood and cognitive function due to its ability to stimulate the release of endorphins and enhance blood flow to the brain. It's important to enjoy dark chocolate in moderation, as it is calorie-dense, and the health benefits are most pronounced when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fats, which have been linked to improved cardiovascular health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and lowering the risk of heart disease. It also has a high antioxidant content, such as vitamin E and polyphenols, which combat inflammation in the body, potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases.  Olive oil is a critical part of the Mediterranean Diet and should be combined with plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. Try making your own salad dressings with olive oil as the base mixed with citrus, spices and fresh herbs!

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