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Meet Ahara

Ahara is a Sanskrit word defined as nourishment. It refers to eating, as well as taking in energy, and knowledge.


Our Story

Ahara was founded by Dr. Melina Jampolis,  physician nutritionist specialist, and author and Julie Wainwright, a serial tech entrepreneur and most recently founder and CEO of The RealReal.

Ahara was conceived by Dr. Melina and Julie, long time friends as well as doctor and patient. As a patient, Julie realized that Dr. Melina’s proven, food-first nutritional philosophy for better health could be accessible to everyone through technology. By leveraging the power of multi-omic inputs from the health questionnaire, genetic, epigenetic and biomarker testing, Ahara fuses technology, nutritional science and data science to deliver a proprietary personalized nutrition solution like no other. 

You get the experience of working with a world-class physician nutritionist and team of international nutrition experts at a fraction of the cost. If you are focused on improving your health and overall well being, Ahara has the solution.

Our Founders


Julie Wainwright

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Melina Jampolis, MD

MD, Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer

Our Team


Matt Oefinger

Chief Data Scientist

Emily Poplawski

Vice President, Product Development

Real Deprez

Vice President, Engineering

Dr. Cindy Woods

Slaton Carter

Slaton Carter

Vice President, Performance Marketing
Nancy Alonzo

Nancy Alonzo

Vice President, Marketing & Brand
Nutrition Advisory Team

Kathie M. Swift, MS RDN LDN FAND EBQ

Co-Founder, Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy · Author The Swift Diet & The Inside Tract.


Taylor C. Wallace, PhD, CFS, FACN

CEO, Think Healthy Group; Adjunct Professor, George Mason University; Editor, Journal of Dietary Supplements &, Journal of the American College of Nutrition.


Martin Kohlmeier, MD, PhD

Professor and Director, Nutrigenetics Laboratory, University of North Carolina, UNC Nutrition Research Institute


Michael Dansinger, MD

Founder, Diabetes Reversal Program at Tufts Medical Center and Assistant Professor at TuftsSchool of Medicine. CDC & WebMD Nutrition Expert.


Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD

Founder & Chief Science Officer at Nutrigenomix; Professor and Associate Chair at the University of Toronto.


Dr. Shumone Ray, MD

UK Licensed MD & Public Health Nutritionist Chair, chief scientist & ED of NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition & Health.

Take control of your health.