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Personalized Nutrition

Find out the exact nutrients your body needs for optimal health without an in-person doctor visit or big expense. Ahara is the only science-based, food-first nutrition plan that uses cutting-edge nutrition testing and technology. Try Ahara today.

How the science behind Ahara improves your health

Everyone has different nutrient requirements and responses to food based on their biology, environment and health history. Ahara determines what nutrients your body needs, and what supplements you are most likely to benefit from based on your health history, genetics, priorities and symptoms.

Dr. Melina Jampolis
Physician Nutrition Specialist  / Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer, Ahara
personalized nutrition

Precision nutrition driven by science

We combine your health data, DNA and biomarker tests, and you get a comprehensive nutrition report with food and supplements, as well as a precise nutrition program to slow your rate of aging and improve your health.

Customized to your nutrition needs

Your comprehensive testing report informs your personalized recipes, shopping lists, dining-out options and supplements which help to slow your rate of aging and reduce chronic disease.

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You have a team of experts, 24/7

Ahara's expert-driven algorithm gives you 100s of personalized recipes designed to slow your rate of aging, optimize your health and avoid chronic diseases.

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