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The Science

Ahara was developed using clinically-validated, cutting-edge nutrition science and testing to provide personalized nutrition that slows your rate of aging, helps you avoid disease and achieve optimal health.

People have different nutrient requirements and respond differently to food given their biology, lifestyle, environment and health history.
Validated science and your personal health data

Our patent-pending, AI-enabled algorithm provides ultra-personalized nutrition recommendations leveraging our proprietary health questionnaire.

The questionnaire includes an individual’s unique information including personal health information, medical history, current eating pattern, medications, food sensitivities, health priorities and symptoms. For added precision, multi-omic testing including genetics, epigenetics, and biomarker tests are incorporated into the algorithm providing a robust and personalized, food-first nutrition solution along with a customized supplement plan tailored to your unique nutrient needs scientifically proven to slow your rate of aging and provide optimal health. 

By understanding your unique nutrient requirements, the Ahara platform gives you a personalized guide to better health.
How personalized nutrition delivers better health

People have different nutrient requirements and respond differently to food given the differences in their biology, lifestyle, environment and health history. One person may break down a nutrient quickly, while others may not transport or utilize another as effectively based on their genetics. Some medications deplete important nutrients, and some dietary restrictions can impact your intake of important nutrients. Some lifestyle factors can accelerate aging in some, while having little effect in others. 

All this individual variability makes it impossible to take a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition.  By determining what nutrients are especially important for you, and what supplements you are most likely to benefit from based on your health priorities and symptoms, Ahara provides the most cutting-edge solution to reduce aging and avoid chronic disease. 

Core Principles


We employ only nutrition science that is evidence-based and peer-reviewed.


Our approach is always food-first, and supplements only when you cannot get enough of a nutrient through food alone.


Our global advisory team includes physicians, PhD scientists, dieticians, and researchers that are leaders in the fields of nutrition science and policy, dietary supplements and nutrigenetics.


The patent-pending, proprietary algorithm developed by Ahara’s nutrition team is supported by more than 300+ studies and decades of clinical nutrition experience.


We guarantee that your data is protected and stored securely and will never be distributed to any third-parties under any circumstances.

300+ Studies Drive Our
Clinically-Validated Science 

Ahara was built on top of 300+ clinically validated studies from physicians, PhD scientists, dieticians, and researchers across the globe. 

View 300+ research studies
“Ahara delivers the most effective program for optimizing your health through nutrition by taking complex health data and translating it into a personalized nutrition program for you.”
Dr. Melina Jampolis

Dr. Melina Jampolis


Dr. Melina B. Jampolis, MD is an internist and board-certified physician nutrition specialist (one of only several hundred practicing in the United States). She is the past president of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists and has served on their board of directors for over a decade. Trained as an internist, she has specialized exclusively in nutrition for weight loss, disease prevention, and treatment for the past 20+ years. She most recently served on the Board of Directors for The American Society of Nutrition and her current clinical work focuses on the rapidly evolving field of precision nutrition and nutrigenetics.

A graduate of Tufts University and Tufts School of Medicine, Dr. Melina completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, a Stanford University teaching hospital, and became board-certified as a physician nutrition specialist in 2004.

Dr. Melina Explains Why Ahara Works for You

Dr. Melina Explains Why Ahara Works for You

How the science behind Ahara improves your health

Dr. Melina Explains Why Ahara Works for You

Q & A with Dr. Melina

How does Ahara’s custom nutrition program work for me?
Dr. Melina

The Ahara philosophy is uniquely grounded in getting your nutrients through food first, and supplements as needed to complement, not replace, a healthy diet. Ahara focuses on eight key nutrients: magnesium, vitamin D, choline, omega-3s, soluble fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols, and vitamin B12. These nutrients were carefully chosen as they are commonly deficient in many people, and exist in foods in combination with other important nutrients that work together to support optimal health. For example, leafy greens, a very good source of magnesium, are also rich in vitamins A and K. In addition, many of these key nutrients have useful multiomic data behind them that helps us figure out each person’s unique requirements.

By understanding your unique nutrient requirements, the Ahara platform gives you a personalized guide to better health through food whether you are shopping, cooking or dining out. By optimizing your nutrition and customizing your supplement recommendations, your symptoms and health priorities are directly addressed through your personal nutrition plan. 

What’s your philosophy behind these individualized plans?
Dr. Melina

First, it is essential to obtain comprehensive health and nutrition information to understand your nutrient deficiency risk factors. Analyzing this data helps us develop  very robust nutrition and supplement recommendations. However, this information is not totally precise because it doesn’t account for what is happening in your body at this very moment; how effectively you are metabolizing specific nutrients; how healthy your cells are; and your blood levels of key nutrients like vitamin D and Omega 3s are right now.  This is where multiomic testing comes in. 

What is an example of how nutrigenetics informs recommended nutrients?
Dr. Melina

The nutrigenetic test looks at your DNA and gives us actionable information on your unique nutrient metabolism and requirements, and potential food sensitivities that may be contributing to your symptoms or compromising your health.  The epigenetics test tells us how your environment and behavior affect the expression of your genes, basically whether your genes are turned on or off.  This can change when you make better, or worse, lifestyle choices and shows your biological age (how old your cells appear to be) versus your chronological age (how old your cells actually are).  Younger cells are strongly associated with a decreased risk of almost all chronic diseases associated with aging including heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer. Finally, biomarker testing allows us to determine your blood levels key nutrients, which is influenced by your genetics and contributes to your epigenetics, to help you attain optimal levels of both.

What is an example of how epigenetics informs recommended nutrients?
Dr. Melina

Epigenetic testing may indicate you are two years older biologically than your chronological age, and aging 10% faster every year than the average person your age. At this rate, every 10 years you are actually 11 years older biologically.   Ahara’s program is designed to address and reduce your pace of aging through nutrition.  In this instance, Ahara would recommend increasing your intake of polyphenols, which are known to support longevity. Your AI-supported plan would feature foods high in polyphenols that you discover through custom shopping lists, recipes, meals, and dining-out options, all within the app. Importantly, Ahara’s philosophy is to recommend enough variety and choices so that you don’t feel restricted in what you eat to achieve optimal health. 

How do you fuse science, nutrition, health data, and technology to deliver personalized nutrition?
Dr. Melina

Our algorithm factors in each health priority and each symptom shared during the intake process. In conjunction with results from the questionnaire and blood testing, we use our algorithm to provide specific, actionable, and practical food-first guidance to address the symptoms you’re experiencing. We always emphasize food first, however supplements do play a role for most people, as they are useful for getting the right amount of a nutrient when you cannot achieve it through food alone. Additionally, you may consume a normal amount of a nutrient such as magnesium, but your body doesn’t absorb or process it effectively. If it cannot be addressed solely through food, then we recommend clinical-grade supplements.

What’s the takeaway for people interested in Ahara’s food-first approach?
Dr. Melina

We truly believe that food is medicine and that your DNA is not your destiny. We believe that achieving optimal health is a lifelong journey, not a temporary change in your diet or lifestyle.  We believe in real science - not just chasing the health fads.  By maintaining a rigorous scientific approach, supporting you with a comprehensive and sustainable program for healthy eating along with a high quality and targeted clinical grade supplement regimen, we truly believe you can not only increase your lifespan, but also your healthspan.

Take control of your health.