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Recipes for the Weekend + Healthy Holiday Tips

Fuel Your Festivities

Begin your day with a balanced breakfast that is high in both protein and soluble fiber. Great combos include eggs and raspberries or Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of chia seeds. Soluble fiber attracts water and forms a gel-like substance that slows digestion and keeps you feeling full for longer. 

Try our Mexican Scramble Recipe

Also, be sure to have a midday nutrient dense snack by incorporating protein, soluble fiber, and/or a small amount of healthy fats. Options like a handful of roasted nuts, string cheese, yogurt, or carrots with hummus are excellent choices. This will help prevent impulsive choices like filling up on appetizers or over eating desserts at your Holiday meal. 

Try our Moroccan Chicken & Sweet Potato Soup

Savvy Servings

Navigating holiday feasts while staying mindful of portion control is a smart move for both enjoyment and well-being. While the variety of tasty dishes can be overwhelming, opt for smaller plates to naturally rein in portion sizes. Listen to your body's cues and take your time with each bite, so you can savor the festivities without going overboard. 

TIP: The color of the plate appears to play a role as well. A study showed participants consumed 150 fewer calories when using white plates compared to those using red of black plates.

Try our Almond, Kale, and Banana Smoothie

Compliment Your Food Intake with Lean + Fiber Supplements 

Take our Lean + Fiber supplements together during this holiday season to protect your gut, balance blood sugar, and optimize your weight goals. Lean contains a specific probiotic strain that has been shown to maintain the health of the protective tissue in your stomach, reduce body fat, and potentially help with weight loss. Our Fiber supplement is rich in a highly purified soluble fiber called glucomannan, which attracts water and forms a viscous gel-like substance that slows digestion, delays the emptying of food from the stomach keeping you feeling full for longer.

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