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Aim To Maintain Holiday Challenge

Thanks for taking the "Aim to Maintain" Holiday challenge with us. We designed this plan to guide you to the best holiday foods that will also keep your weight, and overall nutritional health, on track. To do this we tapped into our nutrient-rich recipe database + our clinical-grade supplements to keep your body in balance. Here's how it works.

1. Start your day with a protein rich smoothie or scramble/frittata. 

We have lots of amazing recipes on the Ahara app personalized to your key nutrients. Plus, take our Ahara probiotic LEAN which contains a special strain called Lactis B420 which has been clinically proven to help with healthy body weight. Bonus tip: Have a cup of green tea or coffee, which are both loaded with polyphenols and can boost fat burning.

2. Enjoy a hearty, fiber rich soup or a protein and fiber rich salad for lunch.

Beans are a great source of soluble fiber which can fill you up longer plus magnesium to help you manage stress and keep blood sugar stable. Bonus tip: Have a cup of ginger tea with lunch – studies show it can increase calorie burning and help you get fuller faster.

3. Thirty minutes before dinner, take two scoops of our FIBER product in an 8-12 oz glass of water.

This fiber is especially good at controlling appetite so it’s best to take before your largest meal of the day which is usually dinner. If you didn’t have soup for lunch, having a broth based soup before dinner can help you eat less too.

Through January we will be giving you recipes, tips, and guidance. Also, be sure to use our Promo Code: BUNDLEUP for 20% off our holiday weight maintenance supplement bundle that includes our LEAN + FIBER supplements.

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