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Give your community the gift of improved health with Ahara's science-based, precision nutrition program to reverse aging and avoid chronic disease.

Dr. Melina Jampolis
Physician Nutrition Specialist  / Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer, Ahara
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For every new client who signs up for Ahara’s Preferred or Premium service you get up to $50 cash.

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Align with an innovator in precision nutrition. Ahara’s credentials highlight your business as a leader in holistic wellness with your clients’ optimal health as the focus.

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Your community enters your unique affiliate code during Ahara checkout and receives a $25* discount.

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Earn $50 per sign up

You receive $50 for every sign up with your code and Ahara handles all the tracking. You get a monthly payout direct to your Paypal account.

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Precision testing, precision nutrition, precision supplementation.
Ahara is a leader in precision nutrition for long term optimal health. We use the latest scientific research, and combine a user’s health data, DNA and biomarker tests with our proprietary algorithm to identify a client’s key nutrients. We then deliver a personalized nutrition report and action plan with foods and supplements rich in their key nutrients enabling them to eat for their body's needs, while tracking improvements in their health over time.

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Earn $50 for every first-time Ahara client who spends $250 or more in a single transaction using your unique Ahara Affiliate URL. No retroactive, post-purchase credit allowed. Payment may take up to 60 days, made automatically to your designated PayPal account only. Ahara’s Affiliate Program is operated by third-party ReferralCandy; find tracking, account details, and management options within your Ahara ReferralCandy Portal. *Client receives $25 off their first purchase of $250 or more via non-transferable code generated from your unique Ahara Affiliate URL and applied automatically at time of purchase. Code expires after 30 days and becomes invalid if shared, such as on social media platforms. Ahara reserves the right to suspend accounts, cancel or change program and discount terms at any time, refuse transactions, and investigate suspicious activity. Self-referrals, creating multiple accounts, and other exploitative behavior will result in program expulsion.

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